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Elevated modern luxury STYLE REIMAGINED

Innovative Property Developer in Nicosia

Luxury, uniquely designed,
centrally-located apartments

A. Fereos Developers is an innovative real estate development company based in Nicosia, Cyprus. It is committed to developing exceptional, high-quality residential buildings, uniquely designed with uncompromising attention to detail.

Long-term partnerships with leading suppliers

Founded in 2007 by Alexandros Fereos, the company specializes in ground-up, residential development projects characterized by architectural ingenuity and beautiful, transformative design. Longterm partnerships with leading suppliers, contractors and architects across the island ensures the entire lifecycle of the development process is executed successfully to achieve high-performing outcomes.

A. Fereos Developers is one of the leading property developers in Nicosia, with an exclusive portfolio of in-demand plots, particularly in the Engomi area. The company selects the best locations to begin construction, adding significant value and maximising return on investment. A. Fereos Developers is focused on sustainable, quality design, and strives to transform the most ordinary site into inspiring living spaces built fundamentally with the customer in mind.

Utilising premium materials and skilled craftsmanship

The company works closely with architects who understand the process of building. This is to ensure that modern design principles and techniques are integrated into every project to create an aesthetic that blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. Emphasis is also placed on utilising premium materials and skilled craftsmanship for building construction, with a focus on health & safety, environmental sustainability, and responsible business practices across its operations.

The continual monitoring of global market trends and architectural innovation ensures that A. Fereos Developers delivers a distinctive service that supersedes other property developers in Nicosia. Local industry insights enable the company to quickly identify up-and-coming, highgrowth neighborhoods and development opportunities to meet the demands of an evolving real estate market on the island. Through its ability to navigate the complexities of the industry, A. Fereos Developers is also able to consistently provide contemporary residential spaces that people want to buy and live in.


  • Prime locations in the centre of the city of Nicosia
  • The use of superior materials and skilled craftsmanship in the building process
  • Beautifully designed homes integrated with new technologies
  • Large and comfortable living spaces, with distinct focus on modern architectural design elements
  • Luxury amenities including VRV air conditioning, underfloor heating, motorized blinds, burglar alarm and e-charge parking
  • Provision of key industry related services including market research, investment analysis and advice, and building design
  • Vital guidance pertinent to the process of buying or selling a property
  • First-home buyer services
  • Collaboration with leading architects and craftsmen in Cyprus
  • Premium properties that retain their value over the years
  • Successful on-time delivery of all projects
  • Positive testimonials and reviews


Designed to meet the highest quality standards

To date, A. Fereos Developers has completed one residential development project, with an additional two projects under construction in the popular suburb of Engomi in Nicosia. These developments consist of luxury residential apartments that have been designed to meet the highest quality standards in design, functionality, technology, and building resources and materials. Every project seeks to meet the requirements of the demographic most suited to the location, which in the case of the current developments is anyone looking to live close to the city, be this a family or young professional.

The company strives to exceed boundaries, driving performance by pushing for an unrivalled standard of excellence and continuous improvement. This is achieved by its ability to connect to its customers and partners, establishing a culture that is truly reflective of its core values, integrity, and business objectives.

A comprised team of forward-thinking, dynamic specialists

The people at A. Fereos Developers are its greatest asset, holding a depth of expertise that addresses every touchpoint of the property development process. The team is comprised of forward-thinking, dynamic specialists who are professional in their approach and dedicated to providing the highest levels of service to generate value for individual clients and the wider community.

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